CCSMS Electives

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Course Course Description
Freshman Focus This course offers an introduction to CCSMS, career majors, how to be academically successful in high school, and building on 21st century skills such as communication and collaboration.
Yearbook Production 1 and 2 This course offers hands-on experiences in areas ranging from design and copywriting to desktop publishing. Yearbook production requires cooperation, responsibility, teamwork, dedication, attention to deadlines and details in a business-like setting. This course is for scholars with the ability to work independently and those who possess problem-solving skills. This course is for elective credit only.
Public Speaking This college preparatory elective is for any grade and any level of scholar. It is a fun, interactive, and beneficial course that provides instruction in the preparation and delivery of formal and informal speeches. Through independent and group work, scholars will gain confidence as they learn the vital importance of public speaking—to

help them not only in high school but in college and future occupations. After the last speech, scholars demonstrate their public speaking skills in debates, where they research, plan and argue controversial issues. This course is for elective credit only.