Business and Marketing Majors

Scholars on campus

There are several combinations of courses for these majors depending on scholar’s goals. Scholars may combine classes on campus with Virtual SC and Dual Enrollment at a college to expand their opportunities.

Business and Management

For those who have always wanted to be their own boss, this is the cluster to consider. Surveys indicate that about one-fourth of all workers in BMA careers are self-employed. People with business skills are the ones that make the deals that build profitable companies that power the global economy. A career in business can take an individual to the CEO’s corner office on the top floor of a skyscraper or around the world making million-dollar deals.


The Marketing cluster includes courses and/or programs related to planning, managing, and performing wholesaling and retailing services and related marketing and distribution support services including merchandise/product management and promotion.
There are thousands of challenging educational and training opportunities within the high-skilled world of Marketing. Learners need a solid background in communication, math, and technical skills.

Course Course Description

Recommended grade levels: 9-12

Scholars explore factors influencing
how marketing decisions are made, including the impact of marketing decisions on an organization and its customers. They
gain a working knowledge of practical marketing and business vocabulary. They also evaluate how the actions of competitors
influence marketing decisions in the global marketplace.
Accounting I

Recommended grade levels: 9-12

This course is designed to help the scholar develop the skills necessary for the highly technical interaction between accounting and business, to develop an understanding of the steps of the accounting cycle as applied to several different kinds of business operations, and to develop an understanding of accounting concepts, principles, and practices. Use of the computer in simulated activities gives the scholar an opportunity to see the advantages of technology in accounting procedures.
Business Law

Recommended grade levels: 9-12

This course develops an understanding of legal rights and responsibilities in personal and business law with applications applied to everyday roles as consumers, citizens, and workers. The scholar will have an understanding of the American legal system, courts/court procedures, criminal justice systems, torts, the civil justice system, oral and written contracts, sales contracts and warranties, consumer protection, social responsibility, and ethics.
Personal Finance

Recommended grade levels: 9-12

Personal Finance is designed to introduce the scholar to basic financial literacy skills which includes budgeting, obtaining credit, maintaining checking accounts, analyzing the basic elements of finance, computing payroll, recording business transactions, and applying computer operations to financial management.

Prerequisite: Marketing

Recommended grade levels: 10-12

This course is designed to introduce the concepts of advertising, planning strategies, communication skills, and professional development. Course content includes budget development, media selection, design, and the preparation of ads for various media.

Recommended grade levels: 10-12

This course is designed to help scholars evaluate the business skills and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture and review the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. Scholars will learn about themselves, their decisions, and their goals to determine how entrepreneurship can play a role in their lives. Scholars will also be introduced to entrepreneurship from an economic perspective and the concepts of environmentally sustainable practices and social entrepreneurship.
Social Media in Business

Recommended grade levels: 11–12
Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation and successful completion of two business education courses

This course introduces scholars to the current field of social media and prepares them to explore and create successful social media strategies for businesses. It gives scholars the knowledge, tools, and methods to use different social media tools and networks in a business environment.
Marketing Research

Recommended grade levels: 11–12 Prerequisite: Marketing

Scholars in Marketing Research will study the buying behaviors of consumers in a global marketplace. Through this course, scholars explore how businesses use marketing research as a management tool to understand and influence consumer decision making. The course will emphasize decision making, based on results obtained through research and analysis, which make businesses profitable. Topics covered will consist of trends, sampling, surveys, demographics, and data analysis.